WESPA was launched in April 2015 and is a unique sporting organisation focused in discovering, developing and delivering future stars of tomorrow. Our core programmes coach young athletes (all sports and all abilities) in the basics of nutrition, psychology, rest/recovery, functional movement and ultimately strength & conditioning. The WESPA HQ is a world class facility providing a flourishing training environment that enthuses hard work, focus and discipline.

We work with public/government agencies visiting schools to deliver Olympic themed assemblies and Talent ID workshops in the Liverpool/Wirral region, inspiring and motivating young people to “be the best they can be”. Developing confidence, self-esteem, ambition and self-belief are key component parts in returning optimum human performance. Our work has already delivered incredible results including creating 18 junior internationals across numerous sports.

In September 2016 the WESPA FIRE brand was launched in the form of WESPA FIRE Netball, WESPA’s first official England affiliated club. Less than twelve months later and In the summer of 2017, WESPA FIRE Athletics was born and in line with the ambitions and vision of the founder, the dream of delivering the Wirral Peninsula future Premier League and International level sporting competitive teams became an achievable reality.

The WESPA FIRE clubs continue to go from strength to strength boasting seemingly impossible results in such a short space of time, with the focus on athletic performance combined with elite level technical coaching being the magical formula.

WESPA IS A CHILD ONLY Facility with Enhanced DBS checks on all adult coaches.

Listen below to the Radio City Talk Interview with our Sporting Director.

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WESPA IS A CHILD ONLY Facility with Enhanced DBS checks on all adult coaches.

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WESPA FIRE Netball is a team destined for a National Super League (NSL) franchise.

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